Georges Beaudoin, professeur titulaire, Chaire de recherche industrielle CRSNG—Agnico-Eagle en exploration minérale
Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, local 4301-A
T. 418 656-3141
F. 418 656-7339
Champs d'intérêts


Cours - Automne

GGL-2608 Exploration minérale (+excursion géologique)

Cours - Hiver

GLG-7441 Métallogénie


Liste complète des publications du professeur G. Beaudoin

91. Kandji BEH, Plante B, Bussière B, Beaudoin G, Dupont PP, 2017. Geochemical behavior of ultramafic waste rocks with carbon sequestration potential: A case study of the Dumont Nickel Project, Amos, Québec. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24: 11734-11751.

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89. Gras A, Beaudoin G, Molson J, Plante B, Bussière B, Lemieux J-M, Dupont PP, 2017. Isotopic evidence of passive mineral carbonation in mine wastes from the Dumont Nickel Project (Abitibi, Quebec). International Journal of Greehouse Gas Control, 60: 10-23.

88. Kandji BEH, Plante B, Bussière B, Beaudoin G, Dupont PP, in press. Geochemical behavior of ultramafic mine tailings with carbon sequestration potential. Applied Geochemistry.

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86. Sun J, Mao J, Beaudoin G, Duan X, Yao F, Ouyang H, Wu Y, Li Y, Meng X, 2016. Geochronology and Geochemistry of Porphyritic Intrusions in the Duolong Porphyry and Epithermal Cu-Au District, Central Tibet: Implications for the Genesis and Exploration of Porphyry Copper Deposits. Ore Geology Reviews, 80: 104-1019.

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84. Rezeau H, Moritz R, Beaudoin, G, 2016. Formation of batholith-hosted gold veins at the Lac Herbin deposit, Val-d’Or district, Canada: Mineralogical and fluid inclusion constraints. Mineralium Deposita.

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77. Makvandi S, Beaudoin G, McClenaghan BM, Layton-Matthews D, 2015. The surface texture and morphology of magnetite from the Izok Lake volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit and local glacial sediments, Nunavut, Canada: Application to mineral exploration. Journl of Geochemical Exploration 150:84-103.

76. Dare SAS, Barnes S-J, Beaudoin G, 2015. Did the massive magnetite “lava flows” of El Laco (Chile) form by magmatic or hydrothermal processes? New constraints from magnetite composition by LA-ICP-MS. Mineralium Deposita, 50: 607-617.

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63. Beaudoin G, Mercier-Langevin P, Dubé B, Taylor BE, 2014. Low-Temperature Alteration at the World-Class LaRonde Penna Archean Au-Rich VMS Deposit, Abitibi Subprovince, Québec, Canada: Evidence from Whole-Rock Oxygen Isotopes. Economic Geology 109: 167-182.


Prix et distinctions

  • Éditeur en chef, Mineralium Deposita
  • Vice-président, Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)
  • Chercheur post-doctoral, Foundation Humboldt

Formation et expériences professionnelles

  • Stage post-doctoral: 1991-1993, Commission Géologique du Canada
  • Ph.D.: 1991, Geologie, Université d'Ottawa
  • M.Sc.: 1987, Geologie, Université Laval
  • B.Sc.: 1985, Geologie, Université Laval
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